RentLocally Feature in Landlord Focus 2024 Magazine Spring Edition 

We are thrilled to have RentLocally featured in the prestigious Landlord Focus 2024 Spring Magazine. This edition provides a closer look at what forming a "RentLocally Partnership" entails and explores the myriad benefits it offers to other letting agents.

Our main message is clear: stepping away from the letting market or selling your business isn't your only option. RentLocally offers a robust alternative that not only preserves your business but also amplifies its potential to thrive.

Gavin MacKinnon, the Director of West Lettings—which partnered with RentLocally in 2022—shared insightful commentary in the article. He detailed how our partnership has been instrumental in expanding their business and enhancing its operational efficiency.

See the article here:

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Author, Ross Leiper

Published: 3rd May 2024