Winter precautions worth reminding of.

Every year about this time , tenants report weather related issues more frequently.  It certainly has been quite a wet autumn and now with falling temperatures this is the time to take some simple but effective action to help ensure a trouble free winter.  With so many leaves having fallen the gutters are a prime area for focus as they can become blocked and rainwater may seep over the gutter or worse drip behind it getting into cracks in the walls and producing dampness. A visual inspection of any lower down drainage gutters should be conducted and if the upper level ones havent been looked at for a while it might be a good idea to get a specialist in to clean them out.

All outside pipes are prone to freezing even quite well insulated ones so its best to isolate them and turn them off. Modern condensate pipes are fairly robust and often have an inner and outside lining but if there is not sufficient protection they will freeze and the boiler will shut down.

Check all radiators for cold spots. They might just need bled and you can get a key from your Agent or in many cases a flat head screwdiver will be all thats needed.  Keep a towel handy to catch the water.

Get a boiler service , always a good idea even if theres nothing obviously wrong.

Check the roof. Missing slates and tiles are often missed but this is where the rain and snow can do damage over time.

Rentlocally will be making certain that our  tenants know how to obtain help if its needed as we offer a live 24/7 help line and that any repairs issues can be reported via the website.  Landlords should check their insurance policy and review any excess or exclusion  for their own peace of mind.  We hope its a kind winter but always best to do some advance planning. If you need us to deal with any of the issues highlighted please contact us on the usual numbers.