shaping the deal.

It seems like an odd phrase but in fact it is exactly what needs to happen to ensure that our Landlords get the service and conditions they need to entrust their property to us. Of course we have to be realistic and its always true to say that there are limits to this but if its a question of fine tuning then we are ready and willing to do so.  Most importantly we dont want to get into a situation where only the cheapest offer is the one that everyone goes for , its our duty to communicate that this is a balance that has price on the one side and service on the other.  Renting is a long term commitment for most these days and it therefore makes sense to really focus on finding the right match for each individual property.  This in itself is a challenge but thats where the skill of the property managers comes into play.  We are currently training the team to meet the standards expected of a professional firm and to equip them with the knowledge to be of more practical help to our landlords in areas of concern or special interest.  We urge our landlords to get to know their property manager and to seek their advice.