Rent Guarantee & your tenancy agreement.

Rent guarantee is designed to provide cover when the worst happens but .. here are a few tips to ensure that a tenancy agreement is fit for purpose.  If any landlord wants more information about this we will be delighted to advise but for now heres a quick run down on the procedure to follow.

Ensure that all names are included in full and correctly spelled.

Ensure the property address is included in full , use the Royal Mail Postcode / Address finder to obtain the exact post code or location.

Ensure that the tenancy agreement is signed by all parties.

Its recommended that a separate Deed of Guarantee be set up when a guarantor is required to secure a tenancy.

Ensure that the rental amount is  correct and matches the rent stated on the rent guarantee policy.

Ensure that your tenancy agreement contains a forfeiture clause , or for Scotland an irritancy clause to cover Section 18 part 6 of the Housing ( Scotland ) Act 1988 allowing the landlord to bring proceedings for possession based on default of rent.

If any of our Landlords are interested in this subject please talk to your property manager who will be happy to assist.