Raising standards with new code of practise

As previously intimated , basic qualifications for those involved in client facing roles are now going to be required and Rentlocally aim to have its staff fully trained before the start of 2018.  We recognise that trained staff add value both in terms of knowledge and credibility and it is our intention to deliver the best advice and care that we can to our valued customers in what is becoming a highly regulated sector.

Private rented Tenancies.

SAL has been in consultation with the Scottish Government to define the new style Private Residential Tenancy. This is to clear up the uncertainty that has existed on whether a short assured tenancy which is renewing on a contractual basis ( periodic ) would become an new style PRT at the first contractual renewal after the new tenancy legislation is implemented in December of 2017.

The short answer is that tenancies of this type will not become PRTs but rather continue as short assured tenancies unless terminated by either party.