The Private Housing ( Tenancies) ( Scotland ) Act.

2017 is going to see some major changes to the tenancy laws that will offer more security for tenants but might cause a few headaches for landlords.  So what , in simple terms does it say ?

Firstly , the no fault ground for eviction will be scrapped which means that unless certain criteria are met tenancies will be almost indefinite.

Increasing rents will be more difficult and any proposed increase must be communicated to the tenants at least three months before the proposed increase is to come into effect. The tenants will have a right of appeal through the rent officer who can intercede and set an open market rent.

Some landlords might find that their property is in what are to be termed rent pressure zones. This means that any increase in rents will be restricted to  one percent above the consumer price index plus one percent for up to five years.

Repossession is going to be somewhat harder and there will be a set of statutory grounds that have to be adhered to.

Rentlocally property managers will be able to expand on any of these points should they be required to do so. Our aim is to inform our landlords as fully as possible about changes that may affect them so that clear decisions can be taken and also for our tenants whose rights must be upheld.