Lower interest rates for the most energy-efficient properties

Lower interest rates for the most energy-efficient properties
4th April 2022

With energy efficiency very much in focus now, the Bank of England is starting to subject UK banks and insurers to ‘climate-related stress tests’. Proposals are that lenders may soon have to provide information on the energy efficiency of their mortgage portfolios, so some lenders have already begun to incentivise property owners to be ‘greener’.

These ‘green mortgages’ can provide more attractive deals for properties rated ‘C’ or above on the EPC. That means landlords with less energy efficient properties will be potentially paying higher premiums in comparison.

Lenders currently offering green incentives include NatWest, Nationwide and Virgin Money, but we expect to see many more mortgage providers following suit in 2022.

To find out more about green mortgages and see whether you could save money on your borrowing, either speak to your own mortgage broker or contact Total Landlord Mortgages.

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