Joint tenancy issues with the PRT.

Its a common enough scenario ,  two persons sharing and one decides to leave.  Under the terms of the PRT  it would seem that under these circumstances not only must the departing tenant give notice but in fact all parties must do so to effectively end the PRT.  This may be an unforeseen consequence of the legislation but until its resolved it has pretty far reaching implications for the tenant who leaves because his / her liability for the payment of rent and so on continues regardless.  There are several solutions available which involve agreement between the landlord and their tenants the most obvious of which is the assignation of the tenants interest to someone else , that person being their replacement but its complicated and gets even more so when organising return of deposits and signing up to the original terms of the PRT.  We shall watch how this develops and post again if further changes are implemented to keep our landlords fully aware of any changes.