Improved standards to benefit Landlords & Tenants alike.

The end of January 2018 heralded the implementation of the new statutory code of practise for letting agents.  In simple terms that means that all Letting Agents in Scotland have to comply with this Code and should also now apply to join the Scottish Letting Agents Register.

For landlords and tenants this effectively lays down a minimum standard of service that they can expect to receive from their Agent and gives them a way of challenging poor practise should this occur.  This is only one part of a larger raft of regulatory changes affecting the sector , which have been covered at length in earlier posts.  The important thing here is that Letting Agents have clear guidelines regarding their conduct and that staff meet the required standards having completed relevant training leading to SCQF level 6 or its equivalent.

All Agents must have gained access to the Register by October 1st 2018 or they will not be able to continue to offer these services.

Rentlocally is keeping well ahead of all the relevant dates and has in place a robust strategy to ensure that we are fully ready to meet the challenges of this new and more regulated future.