Energy Efficiency Standards.

The Scottish Government has completed its consultation on the question of introducing a minimum energy efficiency standard for privately rented properties.

It has also been considering changes to the Repairing Standard to align it with standards required in social housing.  There is more information to be had about this subject at

Briefly , the proposal is that there shall be a minimum energy efficiency standard for all properties covered by the Repairing Standard. These properties would have to have a minimum EPC rating of E at the point of rental from April 1st 2019. All properties must comply with this expectation by March 31st 2022. It is also proposed that for properties at the point of rental the minimum rating rise to D by April 1st 2022. All properties must have a minimum rating of D by March 31st 2025.

There will be some exemptions as yet not known , and a cost cap of £5000 is planned for each individual property.

With regard to Repairing Standard , the consultation is looking at improving safety and the physical condition required for a rented property. The things included relate to having a tolerable standard throughout , safe kitchens , adequate food storage space , fixed heating , lead free pipes , safe access to common facilities , safe and secure common doors , fuel safety standards in addition to gas and electricity .

It is also the remit of the proposal to reduce risks in the home from scalding , electrocution , asbestos , contaminated water and noise issues.  The question of provision of fixed white goods , such as washing machines , cookers and freezers is also included.