If there is no power to the shower, you should check that the fuse hasn't tripped on the fuse board. The shower will be on its own circuit and will be labelled

Something might have caused the shower to trip which is causing the loss of power to the shower. 

If your electric shower isn't producing water then check the other appliances in your property for working water. If your taps are also not working in the bathroom then it might be an issue for the whole property. 

The first thing to do is to check with your neighbors to see if they have water coming into their property. If your neighbor's water isn't working then check and call 0800 0778 778. RentLocally won't be able to help if the problem isn't isolated to your own property. 

If your neighbors do have water then report a repair below or call our emergency line. 

If your shower pressure is low and doesn't have a powerful stream of water then it could be down to where the property is located but it could also be clogged.