Best practise from the Better Agents.

In these times of uncertainty with some landlords having to consider their position , the expectation that their Agents will do more than just collect the rent has never been higher.  So what exactly are they looking for ?

It would be easy to use the term service but what does that actually entail. A recent survey has identified a number of things that add up to something tangible and in essence heres what it concluded.

Landlords want their Agents to be available.  If they call in or they email they need a response , not in a day or so but more or less immediately.  Even if its just to say the enquiry has been received and is being worked on. Its top of the list of frustrations it would seem and a good telephone answering service either in Office or at a Call centre is a must. Problems dont just arise during normal business hours as we all know. Landlords want transparency , are their properties at the right rent , are the tenants happy , does their Agent proactively report back to them on things like this.

All Landlords hate arrears and even more so if they drag on. A good Agent will be all over this in an effort to solve a problem before it gets out of hand. If the landlord knows the issues they can make better decisions about how they want to proceed.

Better Letting for Rentlocally at least , means being expert in the local market , providing clients with market analysis and generally being better at sharing information to help our customers understand the challenges and the successes that we are having. Every single property is as important as the next one so the general rule is to treat all equally wherever they come in the rental scale. Our business depends on it as client loyalty is something to be valued.

Lastly service means using the technology well. Not over complicated but specific to the needs of the landlord.  A user dashboard such as our own is great for giving landlords immediate access to their own account in which they can track rental payments and view Inspection reports.  Even better for non resident Landlords !

If you want to see how this works please give us a ring and we can arrange a demo for you.