Average rents stabilise , despite rumours to the contrary.

Much depends on which Reports you source for this kind of analysis but in general it does look as though the cost of renting a home in the UK in 2017 is almost exactly the same as it was in the previous year. So say Countywide as part of their latest rental market index but is this in fact the case in Scotland.  Its true that with falls in Aberdeen and rises in the central belt we are looking at a zero sum game reflecting exactly the National picture of 0.1% year on year  but the position is very different if we look at the major cities one by one. Edinburgh and Glasgow have rallied with rents increasing by approximately 4-5%  and Aberdeen has shown consistent improvements which if the trend continues will see rents level off by the end of the year. Why then should this be so ?  Changes to the legislative and tax frameworks are working their way through the sector but its still too early to say if this will produce any discernible reduction to the supply of properties in the market although it is our judgement that it will and that in turn will alter the picture somewhat over the medium to long term. Of course this will favour greater increases in rents as supply becomes squeezed which is not good news for tenants but might demand the industry to become more sensitive to the problem that this will create and for landlords to place more emphasis on getting good long term tenants rather than maxing out the rents. Rentlocally firmly believe that matching tenants to properties is the key to better letting and this means more than just accepting the first candidate to offer a deposit.