Agents save Landlords an average of £1900 per annum.

A new survey has confirmed that using an Agent will save you money rather than the reverse position. In fact its easy to see how that can be.  Letting privately may seem to be the most cost effective option but lets look at the facts.

Agents have the tools to value your property correctly so that you obtain the best possible rent. Most landlords say that the one thing that they need to avoid most of all is a void period. Your Agent should be able to help  by proactively re advertising in good time and securing a new tenant so that the changeover is seamless.

Advertising and marketing is an expensive part of the process and some key sites are only available to Agents. These costs are all part of our letting fee but if you were to place individual adverts it would be hugely costly.

Agents such as ourselves regularly deploy a range of contractors to complete necessary work in our rental properties. We tend to get more advantageous rates because of the leverage we have and these savings are passed on to the owners.

An Agent will monitor late payments , changes in circumstances and so on thereby ensuring that the appropriate steps are taken to safeguard your rent and in many cases can offer rent guarantee . In an uncertain world that service may be increasingly valuable. Details of our rent guarantee are available on request.